Monday, January 29, 2007

My Box in a Box Sensation

For those of you out there that have yet to hear about "My Box in a Box", I'll tell you about it. Basically, it's a spoof that was created by three young Philly natives in response to another spoof aired on SNL (Saturday Night Live) called "Dick in a Box". "My Box in a Box" is now considered a viral video--slowing down video hosting sites like YouTube because so many people log in at the same time to watch it (over 2 million views to date). Quickly, by word of mouth, "My Box in a Box" gained popularity. News networks like MSNBC jumped at the chance to get the inside scoop on the video. It turns out that "My Box in a Box" is not actually sung by "Bunny"--the girl who performs the song in the video. Instead, this Bunny character lip-syncs to a track pre-recorded by an American student studying in London.
A couple of nights ago, I went to the website

My Box in a

and downloaded the .mp3 file of the song for free. While listening to the song my roommate posed the question, "did you honestly pay money for this?" In response to her question I posed another, "And you listen to songs like Akon's 'Smack That' on the radio only to purchase them on iTunes?"
I had her stumped. This is a serious issue in the music business--if radio is stuck playing senseless songs like "Smack That", then they may as well play satires like "My Box in a Box". In fact, a number of radio stations have already added "My Box in a Box" onto their rotation. Check

Inside Music Media: My Box in a Box

for more details. Below you'll find the original "Dick in a Box" SNL sketch followed by the "My Box in a Box" video.

This is Me

Originally uploaded by jglitz14.
In case you were all wondering, this is what I look like (with the help of iPhoto). Enjoy this while I try to figure out how to post a permanent picture of myself in the profile section. Perez Hilton moments (i.e. pictures of me posing with celebrities) to follow shortly.

A "Loose" Definition of the Media Maggot

me·di·a [mee-dee-uh]
1. a pl. of medium.
2. (usually used with a plural verb) the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely: The media are covering the speech tonight.

mag·got (māg'ət)
1. The legless, soft-bodied, wormlike larva of any of various flies of the order Diptera, often found in decaying matter.
2. (lang) A despicable person.
3. An extravagant notion; a whim.

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